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Inability to use items. Period.
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The game worked fine last time I played, but today, out of nowhere, I am unable to items at all. I encountered a zombie, which by the way saw me from half a mile away, and it started to come after me. I started to prepare myself by slowing down, and trying to pull out my wrench melee weapon to attack it. Unlucky for me, though, pressing 2 (the place where I put the wrench on the hotkey bar thing) didn't equip the weapon. Thinking the key might just be stuck, I opened the character menu with TAB and tried dragging the wrench into my hand, but that didn't work either. it was at this point the zombie reached me and hurt me pretty bad, so I ran away. Once I was a safe-ish distance away, I went back into my menu and tried using some rags to stop the bleeding, but whenever I right clicked the rags, I was met by a small box saying "Receiving" where there should be a USE button. I decided to try to reproduce it on my other items and was met with the same results. I server hopped to see if maybe I was just de-synced, but after trying 2-3 servers, I died. I exited game, starte dback up on a new server with a new character, but the problem persisted.


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1: open Menu with TAB.
2: Try to use ANY item in ANY way.
3: Nothing works.
4: Right-clicking items just shows the receiving message, while dragging items to my hand or to other items does nothing at all.

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Haven't played in a day or two, but there haven't been any updates or anything of the sort, so I don't see how there could be a problem.

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It's due to total desync. I cannot play DayZ at the moment because of it. Every server I join will be ok for 1 - 2 mins then become unplayable.

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Well, its not a connection issue but a game issue. I'm connecting to servers with less than 100 ping and receiving this incredible desync. Unlike what Ive seen from others, though, Im receiving desync ALL the time. While some are able to play for a little before the desync, upon entering ANY server, I am unable to play due to inability to use items or actions.

This happens to me on Hardcore servers. I can equip an item but the server cancels it and puts it back in inventory. Tried both from the tool bar and the inventory. If I had an additional rifle this could be a serious problem since I could try to equip it and it would end up on the ground after the server canceled the equip command. Sometimes the item will stay equipped after a few tries, today I just could not get a pistol to stay in my hands. I had to log for fear of being caught unable to defend myself.