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Can't Load Bullets Into .357/Mosin if it's Not Empty
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If you load a .357 Magnum/Mosin, fire, and then try to fully load it again, you cannot because the weapon is "already full". The only way to reload is to finish off the bullets already loaded.


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Load a .357/Mosin, fire, try to load it again.

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well I don't know how the Mosin works but usually the way to reload a cylinder is to hold it up so ALL casings fall out and then you reload. you don't fiddle around for half an hour to get one single casing out with your fingernails.

mosin works on a clip system of reloading so same as the magnum you would spend too much time trying to get the bullets out, more simple to eject the clip and combine some ammo onto ejected clip

That's another problem all together, the Mosin is a bolt action with no clip. So the idea of it being "full" here is problematic to begin with. I don't know how they would handle this because clips have to be loaded with ammo and then loaded into the firearm manually, and manually loading a bullet every single time would get annoying.

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A mosin does not need 5 rounds on a stripper clip to be "reloaded" you should be able to just load extra rounds individually if you have say, 3 rounds left and you want to just load 2 more to top off.