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Random teleporting backwards after running from Elektro to Cherno
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Sprinting to Cherno from Elektro in about the middle of Prigorodki or the very eastern edge of Cherno I would get teleported back about a kilometer and I have to alt+ctrl+delete my game because I cannot open and menus or move.


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Be in Elektro
Full sprint towards Cherno
Halfway through Prigorodki get teleported back to just before the red house where people camp Pik Kozlova


Be in Elektro
Full sprint towards Cherno
At the very eastern tip of Cherno get teleported back to around the middle of Prigorodki

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To avoid this if it happens once switch servers and it shouldnt happen again

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I had this happening so many times last night... To both me and my friends playing..

It's like - if you're running really fast for too long, it's like the server can't catch up with you or something, and then teleports you back - leaving you standing up, turning around in circles.

Only way to "fix" this is to alt+f4 and rejoin the server. All of us last night appeared different places after reloggin too.. So annoying..

Edit: This doesn't only happen between Electro and Cherno. It's all over the map, and I genuinely think it's caused by running for too long at a time..

Pending Update Rev. 0.30.113933

Server: Player location rubberbanding

Should be fixed in the upcoming patch.