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Weird Blurring on loading.
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Every time I start the game from fresh, move server or restart character everything is slightly blurred. Had changed a few graphics options the day before and wasnt sure at first if was part of the game (never played the mod so newb!) Went to mess with settings to try fix as was giving me a headache. click configure then when clicking video it insta-fixes it without changing any settings. Have included SS's of before have one of fixed but can only seem to upload 1 file? {F29415}


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Happens everytime without fail, easy to fix thankfully!

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560ti 448SE 1.25gb
i5 3570k
8gb ram
Win7 64 bit

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A simple search for "blur" would reveal this bug has already been reported.

Earliest that I could find: (top comment saying it's a duplicate, but the link provided is for a different graphical issue)

Not trying to be an ass, it's good that you're getting involved, but try to find similar issues and upvote them in the future.