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sniping in prone hits dirt
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at large airport, under shrubs facing airtower. in prone position, I went to snipe a zombie, hit the dirt everytime. im facing the watchtower, prone position facing downwards, infront of a bush. using mosam nagant rifle with 200m pristine scope.
directly infront of me I can see two small bushes to my left, further down to the right is a bush, directly infront is the watchtower, road is off to the right side of me, elevated hill position. 3 bush canopy for cover in sniping position


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just goto my location and try it. I had to move to kneeling position to get a successful snipe hit and kill.

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I had this dirt issue while proning by the construction site in Berezino. I was actually trying to see across the incline, not up or down it.

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Duplicate of #3276

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Windows 8 is your real problem..

win8 isn't my problem. I got win8 cause bf4 says works best with win8, problem is bf4 doesn't work best with anything, I totally got suckered into buying bf4, as I played the beta, only the beta worked much better than released bf4.
also win7 home allows only 16g of ram, I had to either upgrade or get win8 as I have 32gig of ram. but win8 has loads of problems aswell but that's to do with hardware not ingame issues. there is a problem with the ballistic vector path in prone mode.

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I have also noticed this issue with no clear obstruction in front of the weapon.
I've had this so often I've taken to engaging targets from crouched rather than prone.

I was zero'd for 600m using a mosin with pristine long range scope + bipod and pristine ammo for all of these shots:
I was on flat ground and getting some target practice on zombies in the distance at +30m elevation from me, no obstructions around the barrel for a good 10", shot, hit dirt, crouched, shot hit the target.
I tried a second time on a slightly (-5%) downward incline shooting straight forwards and still hit dirt with a good 15" of clearance between the barrel and the ground.
Third time lucky, further down the hill on a steeper (-15%) incline, a good 2ft of clearance seemed to allow me to fire without the projectile hitting the dirt.

I have also had this issue while in prone position.
In my case i was aiming downwards with clear line of sight infornt of the barrel.
Pristine weapon, attachments and ammo. Bipod deployed and long range scope used.

Location: Upper balota hill near treeline (Although i think the location is irrelevant)

I only play in first person, I haven't tried to shoot in third person.

also tried this with a bipod attached and extended, still hit dirt in prone facing down a hill

Made a post about mosin firing into the ground with no clear obstacle in the way, try messing with your fov options to avoid this issue before its fixed.

steep hills have this issue go to a hill and try to shoot down if your fov is messed up it will hit the ground instead of where you are aiming.