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Become stuck in handcuffs
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Sometime when i become handcuffed whilst crouched I attempt to break out and a message appears saying you have broken out of the handcuffs but i still remain in the handcuff position and the only way to get free is too be killed.


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1.Get handcuffed
2.Attempt to break free whilst crouched
3.Message will appear saying you have broken free
4.Still stuck in the handcuff position

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Confirming this for 114008, I encountered this bug yesterday (actually not me but a friend who we handcuffed for fun).
Workaround: You can relog without dying after the status message appeared.

I can confirm this too.

Get the 'break free message' and you are still cuffed.

At this point you can put things in your hands, like a weapon and fire it. Just can't reload.

As others said. Relogging fixes the issue, without killing you.

Confirming for 32.114557

this happened to me today, once I was free I couldn't get up,

relog worked