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[Suggestion] Bandit Radar or something else
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Every day on playing this beautiful game with my friends i can see the same problem:
Bandits! So i dont hate this guys really, cause they want to play this game like they want but it would be nice if there is a chance to recognize them as bandits.

Maybe if the player is aiming on the other person there is a sign or something like that. could help to find new friends or help other survivors.


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If you invent bandit radar in real life first. Then why not.

not like a real radar.. more that u can see it on his clothes etc.

I would only be ok with this if it were like some facial scarring or something like that, but not some huge red flag thats screams "BANDIT OVER HERE"

Thats what makes this game so great. You literally can't trust anyone! Bandits are a huge part of the game and just because you are a bandit doesn't mean you should stand out from anyone else.

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what AGBenny12 said.
you're not meant to be able to tell good from bad. everyone is a threat until proven otherwise. i have had some incredibly intense moments coming into contact with people. when the contact turns out to be positive, it's a great feeling, but when it's a bad contact, it's a thrill

This suggestion makes no sense.

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You died, get over it and stop crying like a baby, if you can spot the difference between a bandit and a survivor then you take away the customization

Also if you killed a person defending yourself, that kill would make you a bandit by skin so...

What a retarded suggestion.