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Weapon Mosin is bugged / done wrong.
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Setup: Mosin + Long range scope + Bipod + Laying down + double zoom.

Range: 7-800+ meters.

Double zoom onto a target in the far distance. Shoot one shot and you will see that the bullet land like one meter to the left then were you was aiming. And its ALWAYS to the left. Never right. So its not "wind direction" that change the bullet travel path.

And shot a few guys right in the chest with the Mosin. No knockout or kill. The damage on the Mosin if they get hit in the chest should at least be a knockout. Does not matter if it was from 700 meters or 200meters, They guys I shot just continued to run. Increase the damage on Mosin to knockout if they get hit in the chest.

Reload bug. When you reload the Mosin. Sometimes it takes ages to reload it. And you get a very annoying sound that sounds like you are reloading 300 times super fast.


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You cannot reload a Mosin while prone without it bugging and getting stuck in a reload loop.

I can confirm both issues.
During my time played I always noticed I had to aim slightly right of the target to get a hit on long distances. It's not the wind or the coriolis effect cause I tried shooting straight south and straight east.

The reloading seems particularly bugged when you're prone or in low fps areas.

Further I noticed that zeroing is bugged / disabled, but that's a separate issue not only for the mosin.

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Agreed hits slightly to the left every time.

people can take a 7.62X54R round and not immediatly get knocked out. they should get knocked down, but that's entirely different.

I've noticed previous comment for zombies as well.


Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue.

Unfortunately, the problem regarding reloading the Mosin while prone is a known issue that has previously been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #1517.

Please upvote the original issue to increase visibility and feel free to add any extra information (updated repro steps/screenshots) in the notes section.

Additionally, if the issue regarding the aim persists, please submit a new issue for this problem. At the current stage of development the damage output of weapons are not necessarily finalized, so please feel free to follow future changelogs for more information regarding this subject.

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