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Confirmation of changes: Session Lost
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Every time I attempt to join a server, it is unsuccessful and an message pops up saying, "Session Lost"

I think this is a serious issue as it prevents playing the game as opposed to a bug that still lets you play as I have been unable to play the game for 3 days now. {F29387}


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Join a server, whether it's through the friends list, the button "play", or joining a server in the server list.

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This happens 100% without fail no matter how many times I try. I've tried re-installing the game but I still get this issue.

This first started happening when I died and didn't play for a couple of days. I loaded up DayZ after that couple of days and on the main menu it displayed my character with the gear he had before I died when it should show me as a fresh spawn. My best guess it has something to do with my character/profile being corrupted.

This started happening after the new version was implimented.

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try changing your steam name. Right now you're name is how the database saves you're character. so changing it should make you a "new" fresh one.

This is how VAC ban may work.
Check your status in steam. Might be a ban. For a reason or just a false positive.

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same happenes to me after todays patch (0.30.113953 - 2014.01.05.) Vac status is good standing!
The game reinstall solve the problem for me...