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Can't take Screenshots in game
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I'm not sure if this is the way its really suppose to work or not, but alt + prt scr or just prt scr doesn't take a screen shot of the game it takes if of what ever in the background. Not sure if this is a windows thing some how though but all my other games seem to work just fine. Anyways this would be something very helpful for us in bug reported for you guys. I didn't learn this until I was trying to take a few SS to add to a bug report.


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Are you launching from Steam? If you are, steam has it's own hotkey for screenshots which is f12 I think (I've changed mine).

Using FRAPS allows me to use the Printscreen key (kind of annoying, but it auto saves every screenshot I take. There are probably other screenshot applications our there.

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This won't ever be fixed because of how DirectX works.

As mentioned above, you will need to use a third party program for screenshots, such as Steam or FRAPS.