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equipment in hands that have more slots the 6
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in the inventory menu when have something in your hands so you can see whats in it or one your rifle you cant see anything past that 6th slot. guns do this but the big one that i find really annoying is the ammo box. that is all i have looted in the game currently that has given me trouble. when you have all 8 slots with stuff in them you can only see the first 6 on this same note i don't like that fact that to move items around in the boxes to make lets say a long range scope fit in the small storage box you have to drop it on the ground to do that there should be a better way. {F29384}


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equipped rifle with suppressor,handrail,light,bi pod,butt stock,red dot sight,and mag. the mag is missing in that screen so to reload the mag or swap it in that menu i have to stow the gun and put it away.

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i think a way to fix this and i understand that it may be more coding for you guys in the UI but i would like to see something like when you put and ammo box in your backpack it would take four slots but it would have like 8 slots that it adds you your pack that would be green or orange or something designating that those slots can only be used for ammo. then if you ever needed to get the ammo box out of the pack there could be a small ammo box icon on that large backpack row that you could drag out and move somewhere else.

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