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Cant respawn ever
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Every time i get shot I will not die and waiting for a hour minimum, then i press respawn "are you sure you want to die?" YES....

Then nothing happens.. EVER So I have to exit the server, now the problem is also when i joined someone else in his game and that friend logged off i can NOT join that server anymore because it is NOT in my history list, then asking to that friend to come online again in TS and tell me the name of that server, so he does I fill into filter and guess what... NO MORE SERVERS POP UP!!

This really needs to be fixed, let the respawn button work for once please!!

Testing is one thing yes, but not being able to get back to the server you died/glitched in is really annoying, to say the least!!


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Right click him in your Steam friendlist when he is on a server and press "join game" while you alt tabbed out of game fter game start.

Edit: I think I know what you mean now and yes thats bugged.