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Cant use items, other players dont move.
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I do not know it this has been resolved yet and if so i would love to know how to fix it or if it is something Hall has to do but just as the title says about 90% of the time my character will be able to move fine but pressing number keys to bring out an item wont work, and other players will just be running on a treadmil. I thought this would be a connection problem but when i run and this happens i wont notice for a while but when i notice i usually instantly log out and log back in and my character will be in the same place and will be able to use items. I felt if it was connection problems, my character would jump back to when the error first started. This doesn't happen to any of my friends and i didnt read anything about it on the forums/reddit so i dont know if its a rare bug or if i just need to make a new character. If its a bug i cant wait till its fixed and if its something on my end i would really appreciate any help. Thanks!


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Basically just playing the game.

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This sounds like typical Client end lag. What kind of internet connection do you have at the moment? What ping do you have to the server that you are playing on?