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Handcuffed person still cuffed after using the key
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Me and my friend were on top of a hospital sniping around and he was giving me some vitamine tablets when i pulled out handcuffs at the same time and cuffed him while he have me the vitamns, after having a look what he had in his inventory i used the key to uncuff him, the log said that my mate was uncuffed while he was still in the same position, we could take out weapons but only fire them in his still cuffed hands direction. So to round up there was 2 bugs, uncuffed person stayed still cuffed even thou the cuffs were in my inventory now and the key was gone. After disconecting and conecting again my mate was back, after we changed to a more busy server he has recived the dead screen and a fresh start when we tried to reconect.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get some cuffs and a key.
  2. Find a victim
  3. Cuff him
  4. Take a look in the loot ( in my case i droped items into his inventory)
  5. use the key

no key, message that hes uncuffed, person still actualy cuffed, cuffs back in inventory.

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