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possible you are able to turn off all foilage to be able to see through forests
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the other day myself and 3 others of my group planned a assult on balota airstrip to clear it from some bandits that have been camping it all day, we had one person on the western side of the strip. , myself and another member on the northern hills and another coming from cherno way. as soon as we got into the forest on the northern hill we saw impact shots hitting next to our feet which came from industrial/jailhouse compound. the person shooting these shots would of had no line of sight on us so we were confused on how he saw us, this promopted us to gather the person coming from cherno to come to us through the tree so he couldnt be seen, as soon as he started to move towards our location within the forest he was shot from the same area the firsts shoots came from and killed instantly. by this time our other member was inside the compound searching for where the person shot from but we were unable to locate them. the 2 northern hill members moved down to the bottom of the hill. as i stayed in the trees giving a overlook on the area my other teammate moved in towards the compound and was shot and killed as soon as he got to the fence line, this seemed abit freakish as he used trees to cover his movement. this left only myself in the tree line in the north and the guy in the compound. i saw as the person who killed 2 of our members went too loot one of the bodies so i began taking shots at him. i saw 2 clear hits on his body but no K/O or kill as he run into the buildings again to stop the bleeding. somehow he saw my other group member and he was outguned and killed. at this stage i was the only one left and due to how the other were killed u suspected some unfair advantage being used here so i ran up the hill to regather what i could do. was i reached the top of the hill i got 4 or 5 shots impact on the ground next to me coming from the compound. once again impossible to see where i actually was so i was confused how he almost hit me.
tl;dr i think someone somehow removed his foilage so he could see through trees and grass ( i know you can remove grass ) so they could see incoming players through forests. if someone knows if this is possible tell me otherwise maybe could you explain how he could have seen


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