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Northeast airfield (NEAF) radio tower/ATC tower causes sudden death upon visiting third floor.
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Upon walking up the stairs to the north east airfield's radio tower / ATC Tower, the game might kill you ('You are dead' message, and despawns your body.) This happened to me and a friend, on different occasions with friends nearby, who did no hear any gunshot, and was not attacked in any way prior or after. Our characters where healthy.


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Walking from outside the building and up the stairs inside unto the third floor. 'You are dead' message displays 5 seconds or so after this.

As mentioned, error has happened 2 times, we've visited the radio tower / ATC Tower about 5 times each.

Additional Information

This _might_ be related to server lag / connection issues, as I've experienced random deaths other places when the server restarts or there is a connection problem (red/yellow connection indicator) while I'm moving (dead upon re logging.)

Error happened in 0.30.113925 and 0.30.113860

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if you mean the ATC tower right on the runway, then I can confirm. Heading down the stairs from the glassed in area resulted in instant death for me. There was nobody near by and it was a silent death.

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Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue. Unfortunately, this problem is a known issue that has previously been reported.

Merging with ticket #5169