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Bugged Ladders at North West Airfield Firestation
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A friend and I were camping the roof of the NWAF firestation. He was on the main roof, and I was on the tower. My friend tried to climb down the ladder to reach the ground, but when he scroll-wheeled the command to climb down, his character walked off the edge of the building to his death. His character momentarily teleported back to the top of the ladder, and then he died.

I tried to climb down the from the roof of the tower, and my character also walked off of the roof when I told him to climb the ladder.


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Check climbing down ladders at firestations, specifically the ones at NWAF firestation.

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Same on nearly every ladder. I sometimes fell down, teleported back up and survived it, but more often I died to it :(. I avoid all ladders at the moment since you never know if you will survive it.
I died while climbing up also, it teleported me into the wall where the ladder was on and I died stucked in the wall( This happened on Krasnostav school ladder to the rooftop).

I had this happen as well, it launched me off the rough after my character started the animation to climb down and then I was teleported back to the top dead.

This is the only ladder where this has happened for me, it was also the only time I was in third person climbing a ladder though.

I am sure this is a known issue. If you have anything in your hands, especially while crouched and you go to climb down a ladder you are flung to your death. I have taken many ladders without issue while having my hands free. The only time I have an issue is when I have something in my hands.

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Please refer to the primary ladder thread at #155