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Book doesn't close when trying to use other hotbar items.
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So I was reading a copy of Robinson Crusoe in-game and tried switching to my axe. My character switched to it, but the book covering most of the screen didn't close as I would expect it to if I were switching from one item to the next.

The same thing happened with other items I'd had on my hotbar. I was also unable to use these items (drinking soda, eating food, etc.).

Another problem I had is that you can only open books when you hotbar them (i.e. dragging into hands doesn't work) and it causes a graphical glitch with the: previous/next page buttons when you open inventory.


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Have multiple items (including book) in the hotbar menu. Open book via appropriate hotbar number. Attempt to use other hotbar items with appropriate number buttons.

Additional Information

Have not tried with other books.

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