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"random" char reet after following friends
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i followed my friends on another server and BOOM!

everything reset. I was on my way back to the coast to save them but this happend.

Later we switched servers after we meet up and everything was looted..all doors open nothing to find.

After that we deceided to find some low pop server and BANG ! we re all back with the same stuff we got in midland and mid mission on whatever we wanted to do here.

I got all my stuff back and it wasent the same server.


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none...i ws happy my gear is back :D

*yeah i know...... :D *

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I can only GUESS this is due to some "lag" or update in ?several? databases.

It whould be nice to have more information on HOW your DB is set up.

I try to extract info on that from your dev posts and try to follow how complex and how many read/write actions happen.

for example. If you "patch" something is it forced on all servers ? or does the admin do stufff ?

if you could point me to some technical explanations that be greatl appreacheated. I worked in Q&A and for a german games pubblisher and actualy are employed as IT person for my local university.


thanks and i hope this shitty bits of info helped...a bite.


happy new year and the best to whoever reads this and your folks and family

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Of course we're happ to hear that you got your gear back, but unfortunately, we won't be able to divulge any information as to our database setup.

In case you encounter any further problems, please feel free to open up a new ticket in the Feedback Tracker.


As you are working in Q&A for a German games publisher you should understand that it's not an open source project and database setup can't be provided.

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