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bad respawn and i lost my charactere
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Since yesterday i lost my charactere and i spawn at solnichniy !
I play hours for have a good stuff, when i go to pie i switch off the game and when i come back when i launch it i have a new charactere on all servers and i respawn to solnichniy !


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spawn at solnichniy
rush to balota
killed or disconnected at balota or cherno :
if die :respawn at solnichniy without stuff
if i disconnect : respawn at solnichniy without stuff.

If my game or the server shut down when i m running to balota (exemple i m at kamyshovo ) i launch the game again and i m still running for balota with a little back in the time.

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Sorry for my grammar nazi i m belgian and speak french.

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Well, I dont loose my stuff but I always spawn south of solnichniy now when I respawn.(6th time in a row now)