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People are thirsty and/or starve way too easily
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Every 5 minutes or less, characters starve or get thirsty.. It's really annoying because you can't even join another town you're already almost dead..


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You can eat and drink more after the yellow bar is away, this way you can survive much longer without eating or drinking too much.

I don´t understand why people are complaining so much about it. Are you to lazy to test those things out or are you scared of your char dying.

No, watch this:
You can drink and eat alot more after the messages are gone, you can store alot of energy and go without water or food for a pretty long time.

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Siruss added a comment.Jan 6 2014, 3:17 PM

No idea what this guy is spamming. But I agree and no, eating past the bar is not necessarily an option. I have started fresh spawn and been thirsty right away. That's a problem since it may be 10-20 min before I even make it to anything, or find a drink or 2.