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Hearing sounds where there shouldnt be any of that type.
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The game seems to be generating random sounds. Havent figured out any order or system of the sounds. Been playing one the same char on different servers for days now and the sounds are generated randomly. Not a big issue, but i tend to jump a bit when hearing zombies where there arent any or the familiar clicking sound from reloading a mag, when there's no1 around. Not exactly sure, but when starting out fresh...the extra sounds wasnt there, but after being hurt by a zombie for the first time and relogging to get rid of the moaning sound of my injured char the extra sounds was generated.


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Ye, they get stuck in a loop and play over and over again

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Rabbits and other animals currently generate sounds of zombies... that's something that I hear devs gonna work on soon. its to do with Animal spawns and their behavior. at the moment is modeled on zombies, hence why Rabits get a little agro, and make zombie sounds.

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0000153: Zombie sounds and can opening sounds softly and randomly

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