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Climbing Down Ladders Launches You Off
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I've experienced that sometimes while climbing down ladders, your character will sometimes instead run off the edge instead of climbing down. Resulting in death if you are high up.

I tested this out on deer stands/hunting towers. It happens there as well, but since it's closer to the ground I survived, however I noticed something odd happening.

As I click "Climb Down" instead of simply climbing down, my character runs off the edge and falls down. If this is at a high height you die, but if it's a survivable height. You fall to the ground, once on the ground you teleport back on the ladder and now you can climb down normally.

It seems this only happens when you are about a meter or so away from the ladder, has happened once when I was right at it as well


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Steps To Reproduce

Stand near a ladder and click the middle mouse button once the symbol for climbing down is shown.

Most of the times this has happen, I have been moving about a few seconds before clicking "climb down" so I am not sure if it is caused by moving before climbing down or if it is caused by being about a meter or so away from the actual ladder.

Your character should proceed with standing up, running off the edge and falling down. If the height is survivable. You will teleport back onto the ladder and can then either chose to climb down or back up. If it's a non-survivable height, you'll just die.

Additional Information

Not sure if it has anything to do with the bug, but most times I've tried climbing down I have been crouched, also a few meters away from the actual ladder. But has happen a few times while I've been right next to it.

So far this has only happened on deer stands/hunting towers and on the hospitals.

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It happens everytime to me :(

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Confirmed on the NW Airfield Tower.

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This happens to me occasionally. It happens almost every time if I am crouching and attempt to climb a ladder so now I ensure that I am standing first.

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Please refer to the primary ladder thread at #155