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magnum wont fire
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after loading magnum it wont fire just get the empty chamber 'click' {F29368}


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unload or eject the rounds from your magnum reload aim and fire or just fire

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all round i use were pristine

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check the CONDITION of ALL rounds you've put in (split the pile in 6 single rounds). some might be ruined.

I've had the same issue with 5 seperate magnums I found, haven't checked the status of the ammo, so will have to see about that as well

Btw the M4 and the Mosin can fire with ruined ammo, so would be weird if the magnum can't

Same problem here, just with the FNX45, uploaded a picture, the items were all in pristine condition.

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Maybe your weapon is broken. There is no "pristine" status because there is no status or description at all (@TheCreativeMan).

If you took the weapon off a dead player, it's surely broken.

There is no Magnum in your inventory... (screenshot)

you have to have a mag for the fnx to work you cant single load the bullets for it

every time i take a magnum off a dead player it will not fire at all but the fnx will dunno if its a bug or a feature but finding a new gun at its spawn point generally lets you fire it

@TheCreativeMan is the mag pristine?? if not it my not work

Yes, the Mag was pristine, as well as the rounds going into it. Also app0815, no shit I don't have a magnum, I said 'Same problem here, just with the FNX45'. As you can see from the picture though everyone, I had 15/15 pristine rounds, in a pristine clip, everything was pristine pristine pristine.

@TheCreativeMan you cant tell there pristine in your picture that why we asked you mate ment no offence

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How do you know your pistol is pristine? There is no status shown.

This happend to me aswell, might be that the gun is ruined, gonna check the ammo now.

I had this issue as well. Tried two different FNX45's. Both in pristine condition, with pristine clips full of 0.45mm ammo. I unloaded the gun and the clip multiple times, then reloaded them both and still had the issue. I repeated this several times though, and eventually unloading everything, and reloading it seemed to fix the problem.