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Severe desync when players have backpacks inside backpacks
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when a player enters a server with backpacks inside backpacks with many items almost all players get severe desync


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put backpacks inside backpacks about 6 should do. be sure to fill the remaining space in each backpack with random items the more the better.
then switch to a sever with some volunteers and observe the result.

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recommend: altering the amount of space a backpack takes up to:
backpack volume = (contents of backpack + 2)
to discourage using multiple backpacks to gain infinite carrying capacity.

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Bohemia added a subscriber: lipek.Jan 1 2014, 3:03 AM

no fix so far but i found a workaround (for the affected player)
because i had the same problem when trying to collect stuff for my mates with several bags.

  1. find a server and favorite it (good would be one that restarts often on purpose, because the desync will stay on the server until the next restart).
  1. connect to it, search a calm place where u can login / out often without being disturbed
  1. open your inv and lay down your first "sparebag" which contains the rest of the bags and disconnect (if you stay it won't refresh or takes ages to do so)
  1. connect again and you should see the bag laying there...then pull the next bag out of the laying bag and disconnect again and do as often as there are bags inside bags
  1. take the stuff in your mainbag that you rly need and leave the rest behind.

(or get some guys over there to pick the rest up for themselves.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: you also won't see that you dragged something to your inv until you reconnected, so don't wonder about it

lipek added a comment.Jan 6 2014, 11:55 AM

In my opinion the size of the backpack should depend on a number and size of items inside it. This will allow to carry empty backpack for your teammate. However it won't be effective or possible to carry a backpack that have items inside.

I heard you like backpacks... so I put a backpack in your backpack so you can carry a backpack while carrying a backpack!

is there a way to fix the desync? i heard that you need to join a server and empty your bag but how if i can not join any servers

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 3:47 PM

Here are my issues that my buddies and I have with desync