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I always spawn on solnichy since the last patch
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So, me and my friend always spwn on the same place as new survivors since the latest patch. I always spawn south of solnichy( 5th time in a row now(got spawnkilled a lot there :D)) my friend always at elektro (4th time now). Don´t know if its just "luck" or if its bugged.

Edit: Now I spawned the 6th time in Solnichniy :( (I like it but it gets boring after a while)

Re-edit: 13 times south of solnichy, 2 times southern part of elektro.


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I've been spawning only here as well, thanks for the report.

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Its up to 15 times south of solnichniy now(2 times south of elektro). Its getting very boring

I always head north to Berezino or east to Dolina. Haven´t been to Elektro for a long time. Mostly I get killed while approaching to the NE Airfield. Not a single opened building from Berezino to Krasnostav, but when I come to the NE Airfield it always has been looted. I´m sick of beeing number 1 on the server after 20 minutes


Berezino, Solnechniy...

I have been spawning near Kamyshovo. I guess I have not died as often, because in a few days, I have only spawned 3 times. All of them at Kamyshovo, in exactly the same spot on the map.

*BUMP* Is it a bad thing to be bumping this? *BUMP* I just want to make sure the devs see it, sorry everyone :p

Yes, would be awesome to get an answer by the devs if they are working on it. Already spawned there again a few times, nowhere else.

Edit: After spawning countless(more then 15) times in a row in Solnichniy I finally spawned in Kamenka :), hopefully this got fixed.

finally I spawn all over the map