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Let me transfuse myself! I don't want to rely on strangers that shoot me constantly!
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I find the idea that you can't transfuse yourself with saline or blood to push people to be more co-operative has failed miserably!

Everyone just shoots on sight regardless of whether I'm armed or defenceless it doesn't matter, so let me be able to work alone since no one wants to team up from what I have played.
Everyone just kills without a second thought in this game and I can't get people to help me at all they just rather kill me because I'm an easy target so I don't see the reason to rely on strangers when all they do is shoot me.

If the mechanic is not making people more friendly like it was intended then why is it there ?
It's nothing but a detriment to someone who's new to this game I don't know anyone that plays this game so I'm generally alone when I play.
Playing the game is then near impossible if I get sick or lose blood since I have to rely on complete strangers to not shoot at me(which doesn't seem to happen) when I need help with transfusions and with my luck that would be never.


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  1. This isn't a bug
  1. If all features going to be designed for lone wolves, then shooting will just go on
  1. Go on forums and seek a group to join.

To regen lost blood, eat and drink until your status is "healing" this will replace blood loss.

If you get sick you need to find a hospital/medical center where you can pick up antibiotics or charcoal tablets.

check out reddit/r/dayz for people to play with.

what you report is not a bug but a game mechanic

While its sick for KOS right now. I hope it will go away over time as game develops.
Right now there is basically nothing to do but just shoot people.
Yet we've found a lot of people who we friendly and its great.