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people altering their files in game
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Been getting shot while in houses though walls i found out a few of my friends told me and they are part of this (Terrible) they are Altering there files so when they play they don't see buildings they see all the loot floating and the other players inside and they can just shoot on sight your dead. Is there going to be some sort of File Check before the game starts ? that will check all files being messed with .. I sure hope so . I know this is early alpha but we need to snag this in the butt ..I can't even believe my friend is doing this .. It be diff if they did it then go right away and tell the makers about that problem but no they take advantage of it .. anyone else having that problem ? Also it seems to me the sickness is relentless each toon i had must of got sick in 10 mins time. yet to find antibiotics just cause i go unconscious so fast ..


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Just wondering if anyone else had this problem and hope it gets fixed

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Not actually sure I've encountered this problem, but ATM there is no check in-game to prevent it. Definitely needs a fix ASAP.

My group did testing on this today. grass,bushes, tree structure walls and buildings can all be modified or removed. grass,bushes and trees were stable. Buildings and structures cause crashes after time.

removing those files allowed a player/client to see objects obscured and not be effected by the collision detection.

Game start states files are missing but allows the player to play anyways.

TLDR. by removing certain files a player can shoot/see through walls/trees/building/grass/bushes

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Though I haven't tried this myself or been affected by it (as far as I know) someone was telling me about this as well.

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This really needs to be fixed.

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