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Brightness & Gammar
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One thing I once hated in the DayZ mod was that you just could turn brightness & gammar to the full to see a lot more at night, what makes the flashlight etc. useless. Unfortunately it's the same in the standalone version. I would love it if you would find a way to make this impossible. So the flashlight and headtorch would be an useful item in Dayz! I don't know if it's possible but just to take brightness and gammar out of the settings or something like that? Would love that. Nightvision googles would be the jackpot then! ;)


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I gotta agree with you. turning the brightness/gamma up just ruins the game (even though i do it). it would be more realistic and fires/lights etc would be more of an interesting thing.

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Turning off clouds is much more effective then brightness and gamma

yeah but the point is that its a cheat to seeing in the dark.

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Already a big discussion for this issue at #781

Closing as duplicate