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Zombies and players de-spawn to fast.
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When I kill a zombie, doesn't matter how. That zombie will disappear about 5 seconds after hitting the ground. Also the same thing with players my friend died and I tried to loot his stuff but he disappeared to fast. Not totally sure if it was in five seconds but it was close.


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Get something that can kill a zombie or human
hit them
wait for body to hit the ground
wait 5 seconds

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Did you friend hit respawn or exit? Cus what you are describing is a result of that. My friends (and me) die plenty, but we wait in the dead or unconscious screen till the char is stripped (by friend or foe), then exit or respawn.
If you kill a hostile and their body aint there, thats a combat log, same thing as above just a different name (i think the combat timer is on its way).

With zombies you are correct, but that is afaik related to them not having any loot and maybe performance?

The patch today should've fixed the problem with player bodies dissappearing when the player clicks respawn, and this has already been reported. Use the search feature.

hahah I guess I never thought about searching for it.