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dayz standalone not giving me a clear screen
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when i start up dayz standalone, it has a blurry on it, the text is not readable and everything looks bad, it would be nice if i can get it fixed cause i really want to start playing it`. but i have my resolution set to 1980-1080 (as my native resolution). it would be nice if i could get some help. when i take a picture or screenshot it does look clear (btw i am not trolling if you think that) i just want to play this game. {F29360}


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You need to adjust your graphic settings. I see no problem. That's how mine looked until i went into the settings and made everything sharp again

i tryed it but it looks like it might be a problem with my video card, because if i take a screenshot it shows up clear but won't show clear on my monitor. im using a 760 nivdia card,

Thanks for all the help guys, but there was a problem with my videocard.

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Try using FXAA (first on low) in your video/rendering/Edge smoothing settings, maybe this helps you if its not related to low health or blurriness.(Helped me to solve this "unsharpness"

Blurriness can be a sign of low health. If you have a "healthy" status in your inventory, then disregard the following.

-Get energy (food) level to +5000 and water level +3500 and color should return slowly. Be sure not to run around a lot.

-Once color returns you should get a "healing" status in your inventory. If this status goes away, eat and drink until it comes back. Blurriness should fade and you will eventually get a "healthy" status.