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Game freezes
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Everytime I join a server, the game will start freezing every 2-3 seconds making the game unplayable (even with all graphic settings to "Very Low").


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Game Freezes
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Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M

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I have this problem too. Do you have a Haswell processor? I know someone else had this problem and the only hardware similarity was the Haswell processor.

This and the desync bug makes the game unplayable for me so really want a developer to actually check it out.

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Walking sometimes gets stuck and just let me move the camera does not allow me to move, or leave or any other action and I must close the game from desktop

RipLi This can't be the same problem. We have the game actually freeze not the walking.

This also seems to make cpu usage go down to 0% on the dayz game process.