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Players logout
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When i kill a player they log out right after their death and all there loot will disappear. This is very upsetting because it is what we survive off the players we kill. Please please please fix this because its horrible how when you log all your stuff goes away.


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Kill a player
They log off
everything disappears.

Make there loot stay for 10m and then despawn also make there body disappear and there loot stay on the ground or something idk.

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I think you should add something to exit you have to wait 5 seconds and then you will exit the game so they don't run and log also when you hit "ESC" you player should stop moving.

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Already been reported, use the search feature.

This is one of the more popular bugs, as found in the "View Votes" page (top left link). Please go vote it up, and in the future always do a quick search for existing bugs:

(The bug initially refers to zombie de-spawns, but player de-spawn is acknowledged)