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Often after using rags when bleeding, you still hear your character making sounds like he is still hurt.
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When you are bleeding, and you patch yourself up with rags, you can still hear your character make sounds as if he or she was hurt. I don't know if other players can also hear you. The random sounds your character makes can obstruct you from hearing other important sounds(Zombies, hostile players, etc.) I know you can fix this by restarting the game.
A couple of my friends have noticed this also.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Make yourself bleed.(zombie, other player, etc.)

2.use rags to patch yourself up. (notice that you might be making sounds as if you were hurt)

  1. listen as you are still making sounds as if you were hurt, but not bleeding.

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he IS still hurt,

  1. cut yourself with a knife, deeply.
  2. patch yourself up with a rag.
  3. still hurts like all hell.
  4. rub salt on the wound.
  5. don't actually cut yourself.
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Could also be a sign that the wound is infected? I have experienced this as well but I assume it was because I didn't disinfect my wound. I don't know if you actually get an infection though

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Get shot and try to take painkillers... I think its not going to help... Morphine auto injector solve the problem.

It is quite annoying you can take pain pills, blood bags, and saline and the noise of "Ahh that hurts" stills keeps going endlessly. It is a bug because if you log out after patching yourself up and re-log in again the noise goes away.

I currently have the same thing going on. I fed my Char 2 Painkillers, he's still moaning.

if the wound gets infected, your char will tell you the wound feels itchy and stuff. i guess, the only thing against moaning are painkillers.

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Groaning is a sign of leg damage. This can be healed by using a morphine or applying a splint.