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Ping gets extremly high ONLY on DayZ Standalone
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When i first played Dayz Standalone everything was working fine, then about 3 days later i had issues with an extremly high ping. In which i could not open doors anymore and would see my friends running forever into the distance, but my friends were able to see me walk around normally and if i shot they would see me shot the gun. But if they shot theirs I would see nothing expect them still running more far away. Then this issue for some reason dissapeared but now (2 days later) it is back again. And the weird thing is i only have this problem with DayZ. Because if i play any other game everything is fine. My conections is always good.
When I search the server list al the server have good ping around 18-40. but when i click on one, the ping will suddenly change to 100+. I found this weird and tried other games right after i saw this and there my ping would be perfect again.
I tested my internet on Speedtest(dot)net and i says i have 14 ping. 19 Mbps download speed and 1.5 Mbps upload speed so that is fine. So I guess something is wrong with my connection to dayz but i have no idea what.


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