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[HIGH PRIORITY] Built in cheat whenn deleting .pbo files
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When you delete pbo files in the addons folder, you are still able to play dayz.. without the elements you deleted. For example, if you delete structures_military.pbo, you can connect to every servers without the military building. You can see through walls AND you can also shoot through them.

It's a major issue, a real game breaking problem. More and more players are doing this. {F29326} {F29327}


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Just go to your steamapps/common/Dayz/addons folder, and delete the pbo files you want. That's all.

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It's better to make this thread private.)
I think it will be great if Dayz would need thoughtful verification of all files before every launch.

I have attached a screen shot from an empty server for further evidence and need for this to be a priority.

I think we all sometimes considered it annoying having seen these "....pbo is missing" (or similar) messages when we tried to join our favorite sever in DayZ Mod. But in this case, such a verification would be very helpful.

It appears devs are still on Christmas break, so you can expect players to be cheating this way for quite some time still. Severity is set to NONE until a dev has reviewed this and then it will be set to the highest priority hopefully. You truly can remove just about any object in the game you want and run right through objects and shoot through them. Arma 2 has already prevented this by not allowing you to alter your game files, not sure why DayZ does not yet. Perhaps forgotten?

Guest "why did you put severity as none when it's high priority?"

Its because you can't choose how big of a priority it is when you are making it.

Still not been reviewed yet, huh?

Vote down only because you should make this private, thanks for the notice though.

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I was beginning to wonder how it was possible that some people see me right through a barrack where I was hiding.......MAJOR ISSUE....FIX ASAP!

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should be fixed in next release accourding to hicks' tweet:

Why do people/bots post those stupid ads no one is going to click on? makes no sense what so ever!! Anyways...

THIS EXPLAINS HOW I GOT SHOT ON THE TOP ROOF OF THE HOSPITAL. It sounded like it came from under me but I was like "how would someone know I am there!?"

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This should be resolved, deleting pbos should result in either a BattlEye kick on join or a kick within several minutes of joining a server.