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''Character reset, a developer has been notified'' what does this even mean?
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My DayZ character, fully geared and ready to start pvp'ing for the first time with about 10 hour survival time was reset when i tried to log in. I had been logged out for about 6 hours and when i came back i got a red text message in the bottom left corner that said ''your character has been reset, a developer has been notified'' what does this even mean? Is there a chance to get my gear back? I keep in mind that this is an alpha and that im not supposed to get attached to my gear but still i would like to know why! Good to know is that i logged in to the exact same server as before which means i didn't change hive. Is this some bug/malfunction or is it something that is on purpose? Like a total server wipeout? Would be nice to know if it happens again! Thanks in advance!


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At least you got a message!! My Character has been randomly re-spawned/reset so many times with out so much as a message.

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Thats just bad, it is still alpha though so i guess these kind of issues are gonna stay for a while, but still some answers would be great!

This issue is similar to other crash reports so I'm sure they are working on it. only difference I've notice is the message he received ''Character reset, a developer has been notified''. Haven't herd about that message until now.

Na, thats why i made this report, havent found anything that indicates that anyone has seen the same message!

The message was "Your character was unable to be loaded and has been reset. A system administrator has been notified''

Yes I've experienced this aswell, this was after logging out for a lunch break and rejoining the server in 30 minutes. Got exactly the same message, don't know which server it was though. I have chalked it up to a random server bug...

Lost great gear too but with the current spawn-rate of zombies at Military camps you just find an axe and head to the nearest airfield for the same gear in a few hours. It is a bummer but you can't get too attached to your Alpha character.

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This has been reported previously - make sure to search before opening new issues.

Closing as duplicate of #3639

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