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300 Round Box disappearing
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I was organizing my ammo into my 300 Round Box (It was placed on the floor at this point) in a tent near the North West airfield then I picked it up (It had roughly 6 Stacks of 60 M4 bullets in it) I took a few steps forward before realizing that I had forgotten to organize some so I dropped it again, then it went back to the spot where I had first dropped it and after about 10 seconds disappeared forever. I went through a few other tents then came back to it 2 or so minutes later to make sure it hadn't just vanished for a short period of time and it didn't come back.


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Get 300 Round Box,
Put 6 Stacks of 60 5.56 Bullets in it
Drop it
Pick it up
Take a few steps forward
Drop it again

Additional Information

Never re-spawned checked multiple times.

(No screenshots because I wasn't expecting it to happen etc)

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had same problem, exactly like you also in the area between the NWA and devils castle. I had 8 stacks of 5.56mm á 30 one with 15 and one with 60 bullets and i wasn't able to combine two 30 stacks into one 60 stack.

P.S.: Had you recognize that you and I had more then 300 rounds in a 300 rounds case? Maybe thats the problem! 6x60=360 ...

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This has happened to me on several occasions, most recently a couple of hours ago. I too had piles of 60 .556 rounds inside it. Seems to happen randomly though as I've had boxes full to the brim with 600 rounds in and not had it happened; then other times it just disappears.

I had the same thing happen to me last night around in the same location of the Airfield at the tents. Unfortunately I don't remember how much of each ammo I had in the box, but it was a mix of .45 and 5.56 ammo.

I also walked around the tents to make sure it didn't re-spawn somewhere nearby but never found it again.