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Can not play anymore
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2 Days ago i was scavenging for like 4 hours, i collected lots of stuff
and i packed at least 9 big Backpacks full with stuff.

Now everytime i login it takes about 5 minutes to load the game and when i am ingame i cant do anything.

cant use a ladder, jump or throw stuff out of the backpacks. i was waiting like 10 minutes but nothing changed


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fill up a backpack put it in another one fill up the unused slots and put that backpack in another one.

thats what i did. something about 9 or even 10 times.

Additional Information
  1. I tried to delete the Profile
  2. i tried to play on a different computer
  3. I tried to play on a Different Operating System ( win7 pro x64 )
  4. tried to download it again

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Search for this post, will prob help you understand why.

0004699: BAGCeption!!! (Backpack, Inside of a Backpack, Inside of a Backpack....etc)

Ok thanks,

but i have another problem.
I was standing on a tower when i logged out and i cant use the ladder.

Is ist possible to reset may caracter?