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Death Via Ladder
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This bug occurred at the Krasnostav airstrip control tower. I was up top with one of my friends and when I moved to the ladder and scrolled to "Climb Ladder Down" my character took off at a run and jumped off the building. Keep in mind, I was not moving for a good five seconds before I tried to climb down. I'm extremely put off, being that I had an M4 with nice optics, a full set of TTsKO camo, a vest, tons of ammo, plenty of food, four canteens, medical supplies, and nice aviators that I lost due to this bug. When my friend tried climbing down he experienced no problems. Also, with how far I fell, there's no way I would have died. Broken a leg, yes, but nowhere near death.


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Don't know if its' possible to reproduce, as this only has happened once at Krasnostav, and only to me. I've been up and down control towers before in Balota and the NW Airfield, and had no problems.

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Never connect to your stuffs in alfa state. Esepcialy in DayZ!

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Make sure to search before submitting. This has already been reported at #1256 and should be closed as duplicate.

Lower your weapon before climbing down and you should be able to use the ladder safely.

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This is a duplicate report and/or the developers are already aware of this bug/problem.

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