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Game randomly crashes while running through game
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I can't say for sure what i was doing aside from running full speed with the occassional alting to look around with a right click.. but this has happened to me on more then once.

i can say for sure i was not exiting any server and the menu was not up. inventory may or may not have been up i cant remember. its a safe bet i was turbo running with no weapon in hand while managing inventory. i was not trying to consume anything in my inventory but moving something around in the slots is possible.


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Game Crash
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unknown as to steps to reproduce. seems random so far.

Additional Information

symptoms of the crash are:
kicked back to windows
no error reported
dayz app still running
switching back to dayz results in windows desktop staying but can hear sound effects of game. inputs do not register to the game (aka blindly exiting game does not work using keyboard commands).
killing app results in character reset every time so far.

nvidia drivers 331.82
win 7 x64 sp1
i7 920 @ stock clock
GTX 260 Core 216 SC 55NM 626MHZ 896MB 2.1GHZ DDR3
12gig ram

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Having the same issue. Started randomly a couple of days ago after 30 hours played with no issues. Textures load very slowly and after a few minutes in game the screen goes black and my desktop displays. I then have to minimize DayZ and force close it.

Using a 770 (NVidia) with 331.82 drivers (just updated them, was having same issue with previous drivers)
AMD Phenom II 1090T Black Edition

No overclocking being done.

Ronys2 added a subscriber: Ronys2.May 8 2016, 3:42 PM

Nvidia Beta drivers solved crashing for me, have you tried the beta?

illness added a subscriber: illness.May 8 2016, 3:42 PM

are you positive the beta drivers solved it though? averaging how many times with the hours ive played its almost 30 hours between crashes for me but it's been random.

so even if i do update drivers to beta, how do i know it's fixed anything?

i ran the beta drivers for a few days and i'm finding the results to be far far worse. it was good at first but it started to crash often. this time it actually threw errors that it was the driver that crashed though but it was very unreliable compared to the retail drivers for me.

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