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Game freezes. I randomly die.
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I was running North to Stary Stobor on a nighttime server with a friend when we experienced a glitch. At first we thought it was just a server glitch. We froze, and appeared back where we had been five minutes before. Talking in skype, we thought it was just a server glitch, when it happened. I died. Randomly. There was no gun shots or anything. My friend didn't die, but I did. My friend, switching servers, started to run in the same direction. He was in the exact same spot when he froze again. Quickly, he exited the game, because he figured he was going to die as well.


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Running north to Stary Stobor when the game freezes and we appear back where we were 5 minutes ago, and then I randomly died.

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Duplicate of #3129

Were you playing on the server called "Test Server" which allowed a total of 64 players?
I've never seen this issue other than when I joined the before mentioned server.