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Second gun deletes character
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Logging out while holding a second weapon (Mosin Nagant or M4A1) deletes your character the next time you log in.


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Steps To Reproduce

Have an M4A1 or Mosin Nagant on your back, pick up another, then log out.

Additional Information

I believe it may be due to your weapon always being on your back when you log in. I was able to reproduce this bug twice. (also only tried twice)

The FNX45 does NOT trigger this bug as it takes up four regular inventory slots.

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I've never had this happen to me before. I've done this with both 2 mosins, 2 m4s, and a combo of both. Usually I'll find weapons and hold on to them to give one to a buddy, and i've logged out afterwards and never had an issue. The only problem I ever seem to run into is sometimes after you log out the second gun that was in your hands disappears. Seems like you may just be having bad luck.

Tested it again, seems you are right. What a weird coincidence.

Turns out it was an unfortunate coincidence.