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Died then came back to life!!!!! (Fire Hall)
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-Was climbing North West Air Field Fire Hall stairs.
-Crouched down in front of lockers on 2nd floor.
-After approx. 10 seconds, "You Are Dead." No gunshot sound, no glass breaking, nothing. I just died.
-Lost connection to server. No avatar shown in main menu.
-Logged out (exit DayZ)
-Logged in (Open DayZ, "Play")
-Clothes showing no damage from gunshot


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Steps To Reproduce

When you die, do not exit game instead lose connection to server.
Exit DayZ
Open DayZ and push "play" if no new avatar has shown up.

Additional Information

Not too sure if I was shot at when I died. I died as suddenly as if I had been shot, but there was no indication.

Since DayZ sucks in this one regard, I can't see what killed me.

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