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lame snipe
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it is crazy easy to snipe some one from 300 or 400 meters. A trained sniper in the service would have some trouble making a shot like that on a moving target. however in DAYZ A civilian (presumably) can make that sort of shot easy.


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you've obviously never fired a real gun in your life. trained snipers in the service can make shots on targets 2000 meters away.

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this is an example of a bad bug report.

Your title is unclear, and you do not offer any solutions. What would you like to see added to the game- random bullet-trajectory errors? Factors like windage, drop-over-distance etc.

To be honest, the devs probably skipped over your concern simply on the title alone, and knew it wasn't worth their time to read your 2 sentence paragraph of subjective thoughts.

Next time offer more help and you will be taken seriously.

This is what you're worried about? grow up and contribute to the game production. Not your opinions.

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What would you like to see added to the game.

Ammunition quality based trajectory errors + factors like windage, drop-over-distance(advanced ballistics), real scopes reticles especially svd, mil-dot and modern range-finding, wind reading items/clothes like a bandana on the fence, scope mounts, like AK-74 with 6x :D

But still topic starter are wrong, 300-400 is a pretty simple shot.

So you're saying put everyone including people who are a good shot at a disadvantage so they seem more civilian-like? That's extremely unfair.

a trained sniper would have no touble making a shot at 300-400m on a moving target, i saw a documentary of a sniper in afghanistan who was suppressing insurgents from down a alleway with a m40a5 he was getting killshots from up to 600m away on moving targets. i would think any civillian would kinda learnt that you have to lead the target when sniping even hunters do this, i think op may be butthurt?