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Random Deaths
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Happened 3 times now that I get to a certain point, and then my character dies. Each of the 3 times that I have gotten this far I just die randomly and it makes me start over.


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I play like I normally do. I will get a gun (typically M4) and soon after I'm finally set with ammo and decent supplies, the game will just report that I'm dead.

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Each of these three times that it has happened are the only three times I have ever gotten a gun and felt like I could make progress. It may be a problem with the M4 or something else.

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Version 0.30.113860

I experience random death while in a military building. At the time of the death my symptoms were those only of the onset of thirst - the notifications and a yellow "thirsty" bar in the inventory UI. Suddenly, my breathing picked up as if I had been running (though I was stationary for quite some time). Upon taking a few steps I got the death screen. No other symptoms or warnings were presented. There was no interaction with an item/building/other player that triggered the event. I have not been able to reproduce the event.

I had the same issue and some in the tower of nw airfield.
I walked to the top and got the "you are dead" screen. Friends told me that i just disappeared without any death body or something else.

Same here! Its frustrating lol I got everything I wanted, then I picked up the only objet I didn't have: a map, i got on a staircase, then....died when I came on the top floor! What just happened! I played like over 50 hours with this character making sure I don't get killed by zombies/PvP and out of nowhere, the game kills me. And I know this is alpha, i'm not dumb, thats why I post this here on a bug report so it gains popularity and get fixed asap. I also experienced fps drops just before. But maybe it has something to do with admins how decide to clear their servers or idk.

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I just exited a server, logged back on.. and spawn al fresh by the beach losing every thing.. I have logged back on server many times before without a problem.. I know this is an alpha, but man, its frustrating to start all over

Yup, been happening to me more and more aswell. Usually happens after I get all the gear I want.

Just started happening for me. in a server of 4 people, in a remote town in the north. just looting buildings. was healthy. all of a sudden "YOU ARE DEAD." respawned and about 5 minutes into my new spawn i was walking into Kamy and "YOU ARE DEAD" shows up. also a pretty much empty server. wondered if there was a recent patch that may cause this... not sure.