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Server switching bug allows "teleporting"
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It's more like crossing through dimensions, but here's an example:

If you are having a firefight with somebody who is in a building, you can quickly log in to another server, run into the building (behind where the opponent would be standing).

Then you can log back in to the original server, spawn behind your opponent and kill him with ease.

This bug can also be used to escape a dangerous situation


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Explained in desc.

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This is not a bug but an exploit and abuse. The features designed to stop this activity are currently disabled to reduce strain on the main hive? or some sort of architecture. We are still testing and debugging esentially and Rocket has left it to us for now to play nice... but everyone is an asshole. I request this network turned on as soon as possible please

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In my opinion this abuse should stay in the game to a degree. A few serverhops can really help a player out if he is really unlucky or caught in a dangerous situation and values surviving more than the immersion in the game. Especially now in a phase of the game where all of my top geared characters were randomly deleted upon joining a server, and loot does not respawn the normal way.

The question is though: how to prevent abusers from profit too much from a "panic button"
I really like the idea of teleporting players out of cities upon server joining. Maybe leaving a server shortly after shooting with a weapon can result in a 3 minute timeout. Or after leaving a server your character remains for a minute to be killed by players only or be looted.

This has been hashed out before and the system in place was fine. I do agree on being spawned outside a city if you log out in it but what about people who then camp that area for people logging in?

There was a combat system that was in place before that should be back. If you swing a weapon or fire a gun then you are locked in combat for a min or two. During that time you cannot disconnect and alternate means of achieving disconnection (Alt f4) result in death. If you are taking fire, or being attacked by a zombie you are also unable to log out. If you are near a player you cannot log out.

This is the real DayZ.. You do not just rush in a loot... you watch and study from a distance.

This system (the mod system) has its faults. Any long range fight can simply break line of sight and sit for 30 seconds and log out. It needs to take 30-45 seconds to be eligible to disconnect AND an increasing log in timer to prevent ghosting


Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue.

Unfortunately, this problem regarding ghosting is a known issue that has previously been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #372.