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Day Z is crashing my internet!
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For the past week whenever I try to play Day Z I am unable to due to internet disconnection upon moving/talking while in game. I am able to connect to game 100% and have no problems in the servers until I try to move, look at inventory, talk over chat, or just look around.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Launch Dayz
  2. Select Server
  3. Join In
  4. Move/attack/look
  5. yellow chain
  6. red chain
  7. disconnection internet
Additional Information

I run teamspeak in the background and talk over it with community members. Before this has never caused any problems, but i do get dsync/disconnections whenever i talk through that while in game.

I am also using performance enhancing commands in the launch parameters on steam. Again this is something that has never given me a problem and I have tried the game with them enabled and disabled. The result being the same, a disconnection.

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This... is interesting actually. It could just be a massive coincidence but since purchasing DayZ my internet has died numerous times when playing, requiring me to physically reboot the router.

It could just be irregular down-time from my ISP caused by the Christmas season and therefore a lack of maintenance staff on their end. Buuuut I figure it's worth mentioning, just in case.

Just to clarify, this is an actual disconnect from my internet, and not DayZ servers going down.

@Mattastic: What "performance enhancing commands" are you using?