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Refund money
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Hello guys. I really love your company (play thousand of hours Arma I and II) . And now i love game mod DayZ thats reason for buy standalone DayZ but i have one fear . I dont want play it with 5fps is any possibility for try it (maybe 1-2h) and if i have issues can i get refund? I know steam dont do refunds thats why i write here . Sorry for my English and Thanks for answer :)


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You bought a game in Early access you had a fair share of warnings not to buy it. The performance will get better so you should just wait till then instead of asking for a refund.

Game doesn't run that much worse than DayZmod and will get better as we go along. As long as you have read and understand the Alpha/Beta process, drop your cash and play the game.

Honestly, you're not going to want a refund for this baby!

You bought the game through Steam.....If they say no refund then, that means no refund. Thanks for another Bogus Bug Report.

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Your a moron...

Ehhh... I highly doubt your gonna get a refund. =L

The game is in Alpha state, that's a state that's worse than Beta... Now, if you were asking for a refund for the FINAL release, that would be more probable, but still highly unlikely. (=o

It's MUCH too soon to be asking for a refund being that this IS Alpha... >_>

Stick with the game, provide bug reports, or simply don't play and wait for the Final release. When the final comes out, it'll be better than the Mod.

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This site is for reporting bugs, not your failure to read the multiple warning messages regarding the purchase of this game.