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Soda Machines still light up at night
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Soda machines are lit during the night, can be seen from a fair distance, it's a glow that doesn't really give off any light, but can be seen from a fair distance. {F29303}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. go to night server
  2. find soda machine (hospitals have a couple)
  3. see soda machine is still lit up
  1. put 2 rubles in machine
  2. press desired soda's button
  3. ????
  4. PROFIT!!!

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Is the problem here that it's full-bright without actually emitting any light in the environment? Or that you think it should turn off at night?

it's full bright without actually emitting light, yes, that's a better way to say it.

and the power's out isn't it? i know some of the street lights still work, but it's not a large stretch to imagine that they are solar powered, but the soda machines shouldn't be lit at all, it remains lit as though it's still working. hence the rubles joke.

it's a minor immersion breaking bug that needs to be addressed at some point


thanks for your feedback. This has been fixed a while ago. Feel free to report any further issues.

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